National Geographic Science

Print Production and Concept Development

Gr K–3 Print Production

Working closely with designer Shanin Glenn, I helped to develop the packaging design into something that was obviously printable, but would play out across three "strands" (Earth, Life, and Physical) and eighteen different subjects. Each subject had a different panel and drawer front, but a shared case wrap, the images for which were pre-determined by the covers of the books contained in the packaging (to save costs). This, occasionally, presented some challenges, such as how to clip the sun out of the sky without it looking absolutely bizarre.

I color corrected and retouched all of the master elements used throughout the program's packaging and covers, worked with the printers to ensure that the artwork fit the die lines perfectly, and coordinated with marketing so that the copy and all required information was displayed on the back panels.

I also assisted in the prototyping for the Science Inquiry books, created style guides/templates for many of the books contained within these sets, and developed (and illustrated) a program-wide icon system.

I produced all seventeen covers and title pages for the Teacher's Editions, Assessment Handbooks, and Learning Masters, as well as packaging for each unit. Naturally, all of this was reworked at the last minute, so I had to prep the files and get them all to the various printers in the space of four weeks. Despite being the only production artist on these pieces, we didn't miss a single deadline (and, in fact, beat most of them by several days).

Other projects for this program included a DVD case (and DVD label) and loads of marketing and in-house presentation graphics.


Gr 3–5 Concept Development

Shanin and I also concepted and developed from the ground up, the look and feel for the covers of the award-winning National Geographic Science program's Grade 3–5 books. The fundamental idea, with the NG Science logo inhabiting each of the various worlds a National Geographic explorer is exploring, was my idea; Shanin selected the main photos, and we worked together on the orientation of the logo in each of the environments. All three Life cover images (center column) are almost identical in composition to my original concepts. Shanin did the trade dress, and the final 3D rendering and retouching work was done by Studiosatellite. (I did not, however, do the final production on these books, as I had left NGSP by that time.)